Tissue Salts FAQ

What are tissue salts?

The Dr. Schuessler tissue salts are a mineral remedy used to support the body to keep it functioning optimally, and to bring it back to a state of balance.  Tissue salts act on both the physical and emotional state.

There are 12 main tissue salts according to Dr. Schuessler.   Each one of the salts is a substance that already exists in our bodies, but can go out of balance due to stress, illness, travel, lack of sleep, and the myriad of circumstances we come across every day.

Sometimes we just need a pick-me-up or something to relax, and tissue salts have many combinations than can help.  The salts can be used to support the body’s fight against colds and flu.  Tissue salts are especially useful in the recovery phase of any illness or stressful event.  I like to use them to support overall health and immunity, with the idea that the better our overall health, the better we can prevent and fight disease, the better we handle stress and the more gracefully we age.

How do tissue salts work?

Tissue salts do not need to be digested in order for them to work.  In fact, when treating babies, a quarter of a tablet can be dissolved in water and dropped onto their belly button for it to be absorbed.  Because the salts do not need to be digested, they are absorbed straight from the mouth or skin and work directly at the cellular level.

Each salt is a combination of alkalinity and acidity, and so the body does not have to recombine single elements in order to use them.  For example, tissue salt number 2, or Calcium Phosphate, is already in the ideal form for the body to use. Calcium is alkaline and Phosphate is acid.

Who was Dr. Schuessler?

Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-93), the founder of the Biochemic healing method, was a contemporary of Louis Pasteur and Samuel Hahnemann.  He studied medicine in Paris, Berlin and Giessen.  Over time, researching and building on the latest findings of the medical field, he came to the conclusion that “a man can only keep healthy as long as he obtains the necessary minerals in the correct quantity, and in the right manner.”

Of course, a lot has changed since the days of Schuessler, but maintaining harmony in the body and in the cells is still important to staying healthy today.

Are tissue salts the same as homeopathy?

No.  Homeopathy treats on a “like cures like” basis, whereas the salts will replace what is missing in the body.  Tissue salts are made the same way as a homeopathic remedy, using dilution and potentization.  This is why those who are familiar with homeopathy will notice the same name for the remedies, such as ferrum phosphate.  But, it is the way they are prescribed that is different.

How can I use tissue salts?

There are only 12 main ones, and with a little time and practice anyone can get familiar with them.  So as not to ramble too much, the basics of dosage and usage are written on the box of each salt. For more information you can always check back to this site for different combinations and when to use which salt.

You can take the tablets and let them dissolve in the mouth. Do not chew! Or, you can put them in water.  Magnesium Phosphate is particularly effective when dissolved in warm water.

You can use them on your pets as well.

Where can I find them?

In the UAE Life pharmacy usually has a steady supply of tissue salts. I have also seen them at some other pharmacies, but not on a regular basis. As of writing this post I did not try to order them from outside.

Are there side effects?

Generally there are none.  Sometimes a person will tell me they can “feel” the tablet in their throat long after it has dissolved.  Sometimes it can make you feel more tired at first. Sometimes it can make you feel sleepy. This is especially true with children. Sometimes, in the case of Kalium Sulphuricum (no. 6), it can make you cough more at first. These are actually symptoms that indicate the body really needs the salt.  And if you take the salt a few times the symptoms should subside as your condition improves.  The first time I took Calcium Phosphate it put me to sleep like a dose of Nyquil, but only that first time.  My teacher told me that it means my body must have really needed calcium phosphate.  Since then I never had that same reaction.

How did you become certified in tissue salts?

I took a one week intensive course in Dubai seven years ago, took a test at the end, and passed. Since then I have gained a lot of experience using them on my friends and family, and constantly reading.  I also studied homeopathy for a year to add to my knowledge.  I do NOT have a license from the Ministry of Health, as there are no licenses for tissue salts. As it is an over the counter medication, no one needs a prescription to take it.  All you need to take tissue salts is the ability to read and common sense.

Can I take tissue salts with other medications?

There is a debate about that.  So much depends on what medications you are taking.  Magnesium, in particular, should not be taken at the same time as any medication as it can hinder the absorption of the medicine.

As a general rule, I stop taking tissue salts when I am on antibiotics.  If I have a cold and I am taking just Panadol or brufen, I will take my cold/flu combination (salts 3, 4 and 6) two hours away from those, if needed.  I have never had a problem, it is just a precaution.

Can children take tissue salts?

Yes. The dose for children is half an adult dose. For babies it is a fourth of the adult dose.  For children the salts can be dissolved in water to drink. For babies it can be dropped in their belly button.

Pets can take tissue salts dissolved in their water dish.

A word of caution

Tissue salts are an over the counter supplement to support your body. They are NOT a cure-all.  They are NOT a replacement for doctor prescribed medicine. If you have severe symptoms, high fever, or anything unusual, you absolutely must see a doctor.  Just as you would not take more brufen than stated on the bottle, don’t take more tissue salts than needed. If you are taking medications, ask your doctor as you would with any supplement.  Just use the same common sense you would for any other supplement.

2 thoughts on “Tissue Salts FAQ

    1. Hi Azza. In Dubai you can find tissue salts in Life Pharmacy, which has many branches. There are some other pharmacies around that also carry them, but those I tend to find randomly. I know that Jordan does not have Tissue Salts. If they do, then I haven’t seen them yet. Any pharmacy that carries homeopathic remedies would probably carry Tissue Salts as well, but I don’t know of any place in Jordan that sells those either. Do you know anybody who uses them in Jordan? Perhaps it is something to look into for import. I think if you are in Jordan and want to buy them the best place would be to order them online. Hope you find what you need.


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