Using Tissue Salts

The Over-Indulgence Salt

For most of us in the UAE, December is Holiday Season.  Whether one celebrates Christmas or not, the fantastic weather, school breaks and family visiting from abroad usually means we have extra excuses to eat out and eat more than we intended. And, as we all know in Dubai, we are spoiled for choice.

So, with that in mind, here’s a salt to get you through the season.  Sodium Sulphate (Natrium Sulfuricum), or Tissue Salt number 10 should be stocked in your medicine cabinet, and in your bag.  Sodium Sulphate aids detoxification, promotes  bowel activity, stimulates gall flow and helps in breaking down alcohol.

How to take it:

Dissolving under the tongue: When you feel the effects of overindulgence coming on, take 3 to 5 tablets and dissolve under the tongue.  Do this once every hour for three hours and see how that feels.

Dissolving in water to drink: Number 10 doubles as an excellent dehydration remedy.  I dissolve 10 tablets in 24 oz of water and sip.  If you are feeling really full, drinking a bottle of water is probably the last thing you want to do, so the first option is best.

Bonus! Sodium Sulphate can aid in the prevention of flu.  It is also an aid in healing from an acute illness if you are unfortunate enough to get sick. For flu prevention, taking two after breakfast is a great way to get it in and then forget about it.

Happy (and healthy) Holidays!


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