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Andalou Skin Care

Two months ago I found a new natural skin care range in Life Pharmacy called Andalou, immediately bought a few products and began using them right away.  Andalou is a relative newcomer in the natural skin care in the US as well, boasting fruit stem cell technology.

They have several ranges, from body lotion, shampoo, hair care, brightening range, anti aging range, clear skin range and a sensitive skin range.  There is something for everyone.  I bought the Probiotic plus C renewal cream, the Resveratrol Q10 night repair cream, and the DIY booster SPF 30 facial serum.

I have been battling mild eczema for over a year and thought the probiotics in the renewal cream would help since taking probiotics orally has helped a great deal.  After two months I can’t say that it has done much to actually eliminate eczema (it never claimed to be for eczema anyway), but it has definitely kept my skin supple without any redness at all.  The cream has a distinct orange smell when first applied, but that fades.  It is a thick cream and probably not one I would use in the summer, but in winter it sinks in and doesn’t leave my combination skin greasy.

The Resveratrol Q10 night cream is thick when first applied, but does eventually sink in very well.  It has a faint, pleasant smell, which also fades.  Andalou website states “Resveratrol combined with Coenzyme Q10; super antioxidant complex that helps to defy wrinkle formation, inhibit cellular damage, stimulate skin-firming collagen and elastin to decrease fine lines and smooth skin.”  I found it a hydrating night cream, and perhaps over a long enough time I will start to look younger.

My favorite of the bunch is the DIY booster facial serum with SPF 30.  I usually apply only this in the morning and it seems to be all my combination skin needs.  It is lightweight, scentless, absorbs easily, and works well under makeup. It is really more like a light lotion than a serum. I also like that it is a pump, so no scooping and contaminating. I will definitely buy this again, and an extra one for my purse.

Overall: My skin stayed well hydrated and even toned despite a stressful month with two kids battling pneumonia.  It could just be my imagination, but I noticed my skin tone is generally better, and I have a slight glow that I didn’t have two months ago.  It won’t give you the same results one would expect from a stronger, more chemical-laden product, but it keeps your skin healthy and supple.  I would most likely buy these products again.

The Pros:

  • No phthalates, triclosan, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances.  It is fair trade, against animal cruelty and vegan
  • A long and impressive list of antioxidant ingredients and natural oils known to be good for the skin.  Read the full list.
  • Very hydrating
  • The SPF works well
  • Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Always a good thing
  • Well priced
  • Scores very low danger by the Environment Working Group

The Cons:

  • The pots of cream require scooping and opening, compromising delicate ingredients
  • Can be a bit heavy for Dubai heat
  • Some may not like the orange fragrance

The Science:

But, what about the science behind it?  Do fruit stem cells really make a difference?  Doubtful.  Stem cell research is still in its early stages, and science still needs more time to fully understand and harness the power of stem cells.  For that reason I have my doubts about how effective the fruit stem cells will be for human skin.  My first doubt is if they are at all well preserved in the cream.  The second is that fruit stem cells are designed to generate cells for fruit, not human skin.  It is so tempting to buy into the marketing, but at this point I would not pay extra for it.  Andalou is not expensive, and as a cream with Q10, vitamin C, reservatol and natural ingredients, that is good enough for me.  The fruit stem cells would be a bonus, certainly don’t hurt, and at least you are getting a nice mix of ingredients.

And, as far as the probiotics goes, I have to doubt whether they remain active in the cream.  The strongest probiotics that I take orally are usually kept in the dark, in the fridge and not exposed too often, or touched by human hands. I question if the probiotics can remain effective after many months between shipment, store shelves, bathroom cupboard and my fingers scooping it every day.

For further reviews and information, check out these pages:

Andalou website
beautypedia review
Environmental Working  Group scoring

What do you think? Will you give it a try?  I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.




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